Shanmugabalaji Venkatasalam

Research interests

- Chloroplast protein import and chloroplast biogenesis

- Characterisation of the molecular function of plastoglobules

Teaching activities



Pralon, T., Shanmugabalaji, V., Longoni, P., Glauser, G., Ksas, B., Collombat, J., ... & Kessler, F. (2019). Plastoquinone homoeostasis by Arabidopsis proton gradient regulation 6 is essential for photosynthetic efficiency. Communications Biology, 2.

Shanmugabalaji, V., Chahtane, H., Accossato, S., Rahire, M., Gouzerh, G., Lopez-Molina, L., and Kessler, F. (2018) Chloroplast biogenesis controlled by DELLA-TOC159 interaction in early plant development. Curr. Biol. 28, 1-8.

Chahtane, H. Fuller, TN. Allard, PM. Marcourt, L. Queiroz, EF. Shanmugabalaji, V. Falquet, J. Wolfender, JL. Lopez-Molina, L. (2018). The plant pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa triggers a DELLA-dependent seed germination arrest in Arabidopsis. eLife 2018;7:e37082 doi: 10.7554/eLife.37082

Shanmugabalaji, V., Douet, V., Agne, B., and Kessler, F. (2018). Affinity Purification of Chloroplast Translocon Protein Complexes Using the TAP Tag. J. Vis. Exp.(Pending Publication), e58532, In-press (2018)

Shanmugabalaji, V. and Kessler, F. (2014). Gradient Flotation Centrifugation of Chloroplast Membranes. Bio-protocol 4(17): e1230. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.1230.

Shanmugabalaji, V., Besagni, C., Piller, L. E., Douet, V., Ruf, S., Bock, R., and Kessler, F. (2013). Dual targeting of a mature plastoglobulin/fibrillin fusion protein to chloroplast plastoglobules and thylakoids in transplastomic tobacco plants. Plant Mol. Biol. 81, 13–25. doi:10.1007/s11103-012-9977-z.

Arun, A., Arthi, R., Shanmugabalaji, V., and Eyini, M. (2009). Microbial production of poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate by marine microbes isolated from various marine environments. Bioresour Technol 100, 2320-2323. DOI:10.1016/j.biortech.2008.08.037

Shanmugabalaji Venkatasalam




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