Master of Science in Innovation


R&D Management specialization (economics)

Teachings planned in the R&D Management specialization aim at providing students the conceptual and methodological bases to understand and manage the process of research and development within organizations. They cover domains mobilized by the R&D function and the innovation process, such as financial management, diversity management, intellectual property laws. Teachings also cover certain methods and relevant tools to work in the field of R&D management such as negotiation, decision-making analysis or data mining. Finally, they include certain bases to understand economy of innovation and related policies.

This specialization addresses holders of a Bachelor degree in economic sciences, a Bachelor degree in science option “naturel systems” or any other title considered equivalent.

Cycle de conférences publiques sur les enjeux contemporains de l'innovation

Research thesis

Study plan

Academic coordinator

R&D Management specialization

Prof. Emmanuelle Reuter
Institute of Management


Center for Intellectual Property and Innovation (PI2)

Employment prospects

  • Project manager
  • Innovation manager
  • Independent consultant